Help! I don’t want to have a baby on the side of the road!


I’m 39w today with #3. Had my regular dr appt yesterday after a night of painful but inconsistent contractions only to be told I was at 1 cm. Ok cool. Went to work today, in the car thought I broke my water because I suddenly felt fluid on my inner thighs. Called my dr and got sent to L&D to be checked. Wasn’t trying to get too excited. After a very painful cervical check and some other testing I was told my water didn’t break but I was at 4 cm! They sent me home. I know you can be at a 4 for a while but I was only a 1 yesterday!

My lower abdomen area is extremely sore and I’m just nervous that anything I feel is from the check and not real labor and I don’t want it to be too late for me to get to the hospital if I am I’m real labor. Someone make me feel better!