Relationship opinions


Its so annoying too see so many negative comments about "leave him, hes a P.O.S".. Honestly not everyone started a relationship off in bad terms. Some started off absolutely perfect in their eyes and I just want to get some good vibes and advice started. I know relationships fall out of that honeymoon phase and become more settled and comfortable. Of course some are absolutely toxic to begin with and some people are oblivious to it. What about the relationships that started off great the first few years, how do you keep up when the spark has died a bit? How do you approach issues in your relationship and what about that 7 year itch? Ive seen a lot of relationships fail after 7 years including my previous one. Of course I went searching for "how to make him want you" before I realized it was 100% over. That was when I heard about the 7 year itch. I'm 3 years into my current relationship and as the years get closer I start getting more anxious about this 7 year itch approaching. What has become normal for you couples that have been together for years? What has changed and how do you make it work? I am in so much disbelief that so many women really honestly have a guy that is so toxic and unhealthy and im willing to bet they didnt start off like that and im trying to understand what we do wrong on both sides of the relationship that take a relationship to extinction. Drop your wise advice below, give some of these women hope, encouragement, and some good ol' advice that isnt straining. Im talking about the relationships that have settled and become content with silence. Where communication has died and sparks burn out. I want to see more couples that have spent YEARS together going through some challenges together and coming out stronger.