Gotta brag/tell how lucky I feel I am for a minute

So long story short but my husband and I have been through a lot of shit in our marriage this past year. My husband almost lost his eye in a work accident which he has permanent vision loss in now...I got pregnant on birth control 5 months postpartum and ended up going into premature labor...our second baby boy was born at 35w due to partial placental abruption. So we have 2 under 2 which is hard in itself at times but thennnnn I got terribleeee postpartum depression/anxiety after our second was born to the point I was a shell of a person and was terrified to take my babies anywhere... I was worried something would happen to them or they would get sick so I became a germaphobe essentially... and my husband was there for me through all of it even when I was a straight up bitch. I was short tempered and rude and depressed but he never left my side. I can say he truly saved my life. There were so many times I wanted to die and thought of ways to kill myself... I was in the lowest place of my life and this was worse to me to than almost dying from my eating disorder I battled and have been in recovery from for years...He in a odd about way had an intervention for me that was unconventional that I’ll spare the details but it got me the treatment I needed and I finally feel like myself again and I’m happy!! But the thing I’m getting to is just one of the sweet things he does/got for me. He had a little wooden box made that plays the song, “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy....” and I just cried and I cry every time I’ve looked at it because it’s a true reminder that my husband loves me no matter what... no matter how emotional or difficult I have been or could be he loves me and I’m truly blessed. He means the world to me and I just wanted to brag on him for a moment. Here’s a picture of the box....I love this man sooo much!

Ladies Or gentleman, share your stories of your amazing significant others!!