First Trimester Weight Gain & Feeling Guilty 😣

Callie • 👶🎀 8.18.18. 👶🎀 3.16.20.

So I’ll be 11w on Friday and have already gained 11 lbs... With my first baby, I felt bad enough about gaining 5 lbs in the first trimester, and I ended up gaining 40 lbs overall but it all came off relatively easy and I didn’t have any complications besides an unplanned c-section due to 36+ hours of laboring after my water had broken without much progress (turned out she’d moved out of position). Anyway, I’m so upset. I know it’s my own fault, and that if I wasn’t such a lazy, selfish piece of shit and could just find the energy/motivation to prep healthy meals and exercise that this would not be an issue... But the fatigue and stress eating have hit me hard, whereas the morning sickness hasn’t hit me at all (I didn’t have it with my first pregnancy either.) I’m still waiting to get in for my first appointment, and I’m terrified my doctor is going to yell at me for gaining so much weight so fast... Has anyone else gained a good amount of weight in the first trimester and still had a healthy pregnancy? I’m worried I’ve completely fucked myself over and that now I’ll probably end up with preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and then I’ll probably just die on the operating table when they do my second c-section... *sigh*

Rant over.