Coworker smokes pot..? Takes credit for my work!!

Hey ladies. I have two coworkers that smoke pot every day on their lunch breaks. It wouldn’t bother me if they weren’t coming back High. And it bothers me even more because we work with the elderly. Don’t get me wrong, I smoke every now and then too, but not often enough that I’m coming into work high and taking care of the residents high. Please give me your best advice. Thanks ladies.

Side note: marijuana isn’t legal in my state, but it will be in January.

Another side note: it does effect their job performance; it does make them extremely lazy.

How do I go about anonymously reporting this?

Another update: I am going to call HR about it today and I’ll update everyone. For everyone asking, they don’t only smoke before work or on their breaks when they leave. There have been a few times when I’ll work with one and the other will show up at 9:00-10:00 (were on second shift) and they’ll go outside and smoke on the sidewalk, and then they come back in and one of them always giggles and tells me she’s high and apologizes, but obviously she’s not really sorry.

BIG SIDENOTE: I smoke MAYBE three times a year. Last time I smoked was the beginning of April.

Update: I did end up calling HR this morning (Friday, 8/23), and left an anonymous voicemail. All I said was that I was a resident’s family member and while talking with them last night I smelled it on them. I called from a different number too so they wouldn’t know it was me. I also did end up texting my boss about it on my own and asked her to keep it between us and I trust that she will. I most definitely hope she will too.

To answer a few questions:

1. I haven’t smoked pot since April, so it’s not going to show up on a drug test.

2. No, the bosses don’t know they’re coming in high. One of the girls literally brags to me about how she is sometimes.

3. Yes, I am picking up their slack, especially Macy (not her real name). Macy literally has people come in an visit her and talk with her all the time, even when she’s sober and I’m stuck with answering pages and phone calls and doing showers and meds all on my own while she’s being lazy because she’s high or being lazy because she’s sober. But what she does after is even better because she takes credit for MY work. Signs off on all of it when she did NONE of it!! It’s frustrating as hell!!

Side note: I love working with Macy! She’s super funny and I enjoy her company but I can’t tolerate her being stoned all the time and taking credit for MY work!!

For those of you saying you hope I get fired, I love my job, but I’m only part time so I have a second job!😘🤷🏻‍♀️