What is it like to eat out a girl?

Rose • 21 // autistic + disabled // nonbinary // queer🏳️‍🌈 // speaks french

Sorry if this sounds dumb to you guys, but please don’t be rude. I’m bi, but I’ve only ever been in one relationship and it was with a boy. Tbh, sucking dick was not my favorite. I have a phobia of trying “new” foods and I don’t like putting unfamiliar things in my mouth, and even if I’ve tried something before, if I’m not truly accustomed to it, I get repulsed by it. (So eating is hard for me... I know this is something I should talk to a therapist about, and I’m working on it.) Anyway, with all of that, I just wasn’t usually okay with the though of putting a dick covered in precum into my mouth and having to taste it. It didn’t even taste bad, it just freaked me out.

So now I’m single, and since I’m definitely bi, I really want to experience being with a girl at some point. But I’m honestly terrified of what it might be like to eat her out. I don’t want to get into a relationship if I’m not willing to, though, because I know no oral would nearly be a dealbreaker for me lol. I’m just so anxious about it because, like... girls have a lot more discharge than guys do?? So I’m just wondering what that’s like. Like, what does it feel like? Is there so much that it fills up your mouth, or is it just like licking something that’s wet and you just get a little of it? Texture? Taste?

Agh, I need to talk to a therapist about this phobia, I know. But I’m the meantime, can those of y’all with experience give me some information so I can prepare myself??

(Sorry that this was so long!!)