Long post but I have to vent

This might be all over the place bc I’m bad at writing but hopefully someone can understand me.

My cousin, who was raised with us since she was 3, is pretty dumb.

- she’s 23, but mentally acts like she’s 15

-she has a daughter who is 2.3 years old

- she’s been dating a guy for almost 5 years

- 1 they’re both terrible parents, they scream at their kid for crying, or basically anything that annoys them.

-they still live with my parents (her, her bf, and the baby).

-ever since the baby was little they’d scream at her for no reason, they neglect her but not to a point where it’s abuse.

-when they go out as a family, the baby when she cries they yell at her to shut up.

-when she’s in a bad mood she takes it out on her daughter.

-he’s cheated on her countless times.

-while she was pregnant he would try to punch and kick her stomach to try to kill the fetus.

-2 days ago he was leaving for good but my cousin walked out to the garage and he cornered her and pushed her on the ground and broke her phone into pieces bc he thought she was cheating on him.

-she called the cops, they took him away, she didn’t press charges, and 2 days later, she wants to move out and live with him bc she says we are supposedly too involved in her life and she doesn’t like it.

-but if they leave the baby is going to suffer, they’re gonna neglect her, how do I know this?

-the baby always plays with me and my actual sister everyday from when she wakes up to when she sleeps.

-her mom just stays in her room and watches tv, her dad is working from 7am-1am.

-the baby always spends time with me and my sister,

We basically raised her since she was born.

-her bf constantly hits her and accuses her of shit and she says she’s tired of it but her actions say otherwise.

-she cares more about her boyfriend than her fucking baby.

-she’s always going on about how she regrets having the baby and that because of the baby they can’t do shit anymore.

-both parents are verbally and emotionally abusive to the baby.

-they hit her occasionally when they’re annoyed or whatever the case is.

-when she’s crying we go take her and play with her, whether it’s going for a walk or going to the park.

-she’s miserable with her parents, when she’s with us she has the time of her life.

And like I just want what’s best for the baby, if the baby wasn’t in the picture I wouldn’t give a fuck what happens to her because it’s her life but now that a baby is involved it’s different. I’m just lost idk what to do, I wanna call CPS but at the same time idk if might make it worse. They’re both out of control and they don’t deserve that little angle, I don’t know what to do, they wanna leave this Friday but idk.