Please come out 😫

Natallia • 24 yrs married 14/1/17, been waiting 2 years and finally have our little boy 💙🥰

I know I’m only one day over due, but at the point I will do anything for this baby to come out! I’m having really bad period cramps but they are tolerable, I’ve got back ache and really bad heartburn and reflux! I’m still being sick and got a lot of pressure going on! To top it off I’m not 100% sure that I will actually be induced tomorrow or not! My sister in law said she doesnt think I will be because I’m not that far over due and that it will just be a meeting to schedule a induction date 😫 what if anything helped you go into labour? The only things I can’t do is spicy food (because of the reflux) and sex because it’s wayyyy too painful!