What should I do

Aubrey • 💙 Hunter’s mommy 💙

Let me start by saying I am completely in love with my fiancé and our son is 1 month old. However he has a 4 year old son that drives me totally insane. We have him full time, for whatever reason he thinks it’s funny to hurt animals and today he was being loud to scare the baby and making him cry on purpose and laughing about it. He obviously knows better but laughs in my face when I try to correct him. My fiancé’s reaction to this is “he’s only 4”, uhhh my 1 year old niece knows to be gentle on animals and shows sympathy when people cry. I’m honestly questioning our whole relationship just because I’m worried with the way his 4 year old acts he has the potential to hurt the baby and I’m not at all willing to risk that. Any advice?