I just need advice.. im pregnant with baby #2 and emotional.. and my husband and his mom seem to gossip a lot about family members and I've explained that I'm not comfortable going over there cause it's to much drama. Lately he has been texting his mom a lot and told me to check and I did and I opened it and see him and his mom talking about me..his mom is saying I dont believe in him like she does and he is agreeing like.. this isnt the first time his mom has said something ugly about me. She has repeatedly told my husband to hide things from me and I've confronted her about it cause how is that right?? im crying typing this cause I've been trying so hard to raise our daughter and take care of this new little one in my tummy and take care of the house even though I'm exasughsted and cook and I always support him and encourage him in every way yet.. behind my back he talks so low of me and out of all people his mother?. I just need some female friends or some kind of encouragement right now.. I'm just beyond hurt..why ask me to look at his phone and let me see this.💔