Please help

So my fiancé and I have been together for a while and we’re expecting our first baby in February.. well he took the day off today while I went to work bc he wasn’t feeling good.. so I came home asked him how his day was and then made a joke about him watching porn all day.. Now I don’t like to watch porn myself it’s just not my thing and whatever but I asked him if when we were dating if he would stop watching it because it really made me feel uncomfortable now I send him videos and pictures ALL the time while he’s a work and he saves them and he tells me he jerks off to them and we even have our own little video that we made bc he said it would help him.. HE tried to lie to me saying that’s not what he did today and then we started talking about our child and he confessed about watching it.. now in the past I’ve had some bad relationships and I have like no trust to give anyone I always second guess what ANYONE says to me.. and I won’t lie I’m one of the most insecure people you will ever meet and it’s because of my past and everything so that’s why I don’t want him to watch porn I’m just hurt that he lied to me and i don’t know how many times it’s been and I know I sound really dramatic..

Please no hate on it.. I just have been through so much and it’s hard to let go some things and to think that I’m not enough for him to jerk off to really hurts..

ALSO we usually have sex almost everyday.. but he’s has a cut so we can’t because it hurts him when we do..