Can’t afford baby (Venting)

So I was in the process of moving when I found out I was expecting. This was not planned or wanted. The guy I was seeing had already made it clear he didn’t want children (even though he refused condoms) and didn’t want a relationship because “he doesn’t do long distance.” I told him I was scared to get an abortion.

I’m not against abortion but I was freaked out. I asked him to go with me to get it done & he said no so I stopped talking to him. I couldn’t handle going alone so I’ve been pretending this baby isn’t really happening.

Now it’s hitting me that it is happening & I cannot afford to do this. I just did a big move & started a new job. I haven’t told my job & if I do I’ll lose my job because my position isn’t permanent yet. For now I’m buying time but I can’t afford to buy much else. I know I’m going to need the big necessities like car seats, strollers, etc, but I can hardly get onesies. I’m almost in my 3rd trimester & I’ve got two newborn outfits & a mountain of debt from this big move. Life’s already hard why are children so expensive?