I don’t mean to be negative but...

why does everyone give false hope in this group?

blue dye tests, you can tell them you see something, but almost all blue dye test will show a second line, with a hint of blue. almost every time they are false. USE A PINK DYE TEST, they’re more reliable! 😊

& when it comes to pink dye tests, lately they have been showing second lines, with no pink dye. you can see a line but if there’s no dye, don’t get these poor women’s hopes up.

i want you all to get your positives, but it’s upsetting to see you post your tests & have these strangers tell you yes. & the next day you post saying you have a stark negative & aren’t sure why. 🙁 i’m sending you all baby dust so please don’t get discouraged with these negative tests, you will get your REAL positives.