Do these sound normal?

Lisa 💙👼🏼🌈🤰🏼

Lately I’ve been losing a lot of mucus which I think is my plug because it’s very thick (I usually get a lot of discharge but this is different) I’ve got a headache, frequent tightenings but they are not getting stronger, or maybe a little but not true contractions (I have a son so I know how they feel) ive been going to the toilet frequently for two days and I ’ve had the urge to nest lately and today I spent 3 hours scrubbing because I’ve been craving that clean smell, I don’t know if I’ve over done it and the bleach and things have gotten to my head or if this is the start of early labour. I’m 36+6 and baby is moving fine but these tightenings are almost constant with pressure down below. Is this normal?