I'm bottle feeding, advice?

Brenna • Mommy to be August 2019 👣

Please do not say anything along the lines of "breast is best"

Ive had enough of people making me feel like I made the Wrong decision 😒

Anyways my advice that's needed is, my hubby and I pre make bottles to have enough during the day/night then we heat up water in a cup and place the bottle in to warm up, our son is 10 days old and we are already feeding 3oz every 3 hours but...sometimes I feel like he just wants a snack? Like 1oz?

He Will be awake for awhile then give me the Qs so I'll heat up a bottle but then hes o ly eating an oz or 2..... But when he is really fussy like MAD he will drink the entire 30oz... I'm just confused and dont want to waste formula