Am I being weird?/vent

I’m a bit of an introvert anyways, and I’ve been feeling antisocial and self conscious lately. I’m 38 weeks, with a c section scheduled for next week (since baby insists on staying breech). My family keeps inviting me to dinners with all my siblings, grandma, cousins, etc and I kinda just don’t feel up for it. It’s sweet that they want to get together so often, and I know I’m lucky to live near family, but I don’t want to go. Most recently my grandma invited me, my siblings, and my cousins out to dinner two days before my c section next week, saying it’s a good time to get together before the baby comes. The most I am up for right now is going to my moms house to hang out with her in a more low key way. I feel guilty because the past two weeks I’ve been coming up with excuses to miss these get togethers, but the truth is just that I’m super pregnant, tired, and self conscious. Going out to a restaurant to eat a big meal with a bunch of family where people will stare at my belly and ask questions just sounds like a lot. I feel torn- I feel rude and ungrateful for not wanting to go but at the same time I feel like it’s a lot to expect me to attend dinners with 10+ people multiple times a week when I’m so far along. Am I a weirdo? Is anyone else feeling this way? Is being super pregnant enough of an excuse?