Ovulation Pain


I have been dealing with ovulation pain for a few years now (which always happens to me 14 days after the start of my period every month).

It feels like period cramps but not as excruciating. It’s definitely a noticeable kind of pain that happens mid-cycle and it’s sucks because I thought I would only cramp during my period, but that isn’t the case anymore!

Anyway, you know how we are all super aroused while we’re around that time we ovulate? I learned that women can get “blue balls” too. So I thought about it; Men get blue balls from being horny and can’t *take care of business* then and there, but once they go home and get that relief, it feels all better and the pain goes away.

I learned the pain they feel, and what we also feel is just caused by blood vessels constricting and concentrating in one area. Once you orgasm, the pain pretty much immediately goes away.

SO I TRIED IT...and it worked. Amen!

Try it, it will take away the pain and you’ll feel much better! Save yourself from taking an ibuprofen!