What the????

Ok so long story short my husband and i enjoy weird sex kinks his is sleep assult now normally i am fully awake i just act like i am sleeping and we have a way for me to give him consent when i am acting. But last night i was actually sleeping because i wasn't feeling well i put our son in his crib and i took a bath and layed in bed next to my husband ( i thought he was sleeping) i fell asleep watching family guy. I have no idea how long i was sleeping for. I just remember him trying to put his thingie in my mouth. When i woke up which threw me in to a ptsd attack. When i pulled away he said he couldn't sleep 😑😩. Dude i have a jaw infection i dont feel good i might throw up on your willy. I am running a fever of 101 for the past 3 days. And you woke me up from the first time i have gotten any sleep in the last 4 days. I love him but where the fuck dose this even fall should i drop it or make him sleep on an air matress in the living room