Ttc and two miscarriages later

So to start off I have a healthy two year old son. My pregnancy/delivery with his was perfect. In March me and my hubby decided to TTC for baby #2. We got pregnant right away. I’m April I miscarried at 5w2d. After the bleeding stopped I got the okay from my OB to try again. We got pregnant right away. In June I lost it at 7w3D. My OB did tests. My uterus looked healthy, and my blood work came back good. She told me to wait a cycle and try again. We’ve tried two cycles already and nothing. This was my chart this month:

I had sex everyday of my fertile window. I got a positive ovulation test the 12th. If I had sex and confirmed my ovulation why did I start my period?? Was there no egg?? Sorry to sound dumb , I’m just curious? Is there anything I can do differently? Because we were getting pregnant every time we tried. I guess it’s good that my body is taking its own time l, trying for a healthy one but it’s so frustrating.