My husband hates me


We tried for 8 months, miscarried on Christmas <a href="">Eve</a>, tried for another five months and now I’m 12 weeks. Ever since I told him I’m pregnant, it feels like he is disgusted with me. I’ve been so sick, and I don’t know if he thinks I’m being dramatic but he told me I’ve been the biggest pain in the ass. He’s said some hurtful things and I didn’t think this man was acting like my husband. Last week he didn’t come home until 4 in the morning. He still won’t tell me the whole story. So today I wrote him this Long letter putting all my feelings out there and he didn’t respond. He told me I was being annoying. I asked him if he read it, he told me he only read the beginning, that he stopped because it was too ridiculous to read.

This person isn’t who I married. He refuses to talk to me. Is this how it’s always going to be? He’s refused counseling for months. He ignores that there’s a problem. I can’t live in a marriage and raise a child with a man who treats me like this. This isn’t the love I deserve. I’m terrified I already know the answer. I’ve been having nightmares for months about him leaving me, ignoring me, abandoning me.