What’s wrong with me?!

I need a diagnosis...

My boyfriend and I went to an open gym at our university to play some light hearted volleyball and there was mostly men and two girls (one including me). She was wearing the usual volleyball shorts and seemed like she played on the team, but the whole time you can tell she was just trying to look cute instead of just playing and having fun. Needless to say she had the men’s attention including my boyfriend, unfortunately.

At first it wasn’t bothering me you know.. I was just focused on the game and having fun but she started taking all of the attention to her head and I began to get uncomfortable.. I don’t know if she was intimidated by me or something because she kinda rolled up her shorts more and while playing she made sure I never got the ball. she had a typical volleyball build but me on the other hand I have more of a Meg the stallion kinda build

But to make a long story even longer.. just kidding but uhh yea I felt very uncomfortable and I got discouraged from playing but I don’t know why.. I saw my boyfriend watching her but of course he has to when she’s serving and the ball .. but she was getting the attention more often than usual. What’s my problem 🙄