Cervix question😬

So I’m supposed to start my period any time now but I checked my cervix and it’s high, soft, and wet with like a milky CM.

I’ve read many forums about at AF time, the cervix will be harder and low and I have noticed this to be true in the past.

Just trying to see if anyone thinks it may be an early pregnancy sign? I’m hoping so! I’m having right many symptoms too (tired as heck, lower back pain, was having light cramps/pressure in left ovary area, lingering headaches for a few days, gassy, acid reflux, nauseous at random times, breasts slightly sore, nipples more sensitive than usual and they’ve been (for lack of better words) sticking out more than usual for 2 days now.

I have had 2 positive OPK in the past few days (did them for the heck of it) but I have NEVER EVER gotten a positive OPK until then. Took an internet cheapie HPT, Negative. I supposed ovulated 2 weeks ago from tomorrow and had EWCM and light left ovary area cramps.

Maybe it’s my turn??