Got the job!

Erin ā€¢

I'm just so excited I had to share somewhere. I haven't put in my 2 weeks yet at current job, so can't tell many people.

I've been working retail for 4 years and got comfortable. But I also started feeling stuck. Like I wasn't going anywhere career-wise and definitely wasn't making the $$$ I need.

Well I had a phone interview, online assessment, and today in person interview. They offered me the job at the end of the interview! It's still in retail, but a HUGE step up from where I have been. New company with a lot more pay! Yayyy!

I'm kinda terrified to tell my boss though. She has been such a great manager! Not at all the reason I am leaving. She treats me like family. I almost feel like I'm abandoning her. šŸ˜”

I won't feel so bad when I see my first paycheck come in from the new job! šŸ˜‚