Tip needed for breastfeeding time


Hi ladies,

My son is 12 days old and recently he has been feeding for only 30 mins (15 mins on each breast). Is this normal? He falls asleep after the 2nd 15 mins. So I'm a little concerned

His birth weight is 2.915kg. When we were discharged, his weight was 2.7kg. I struggled with breastfeeding @ home as the hospital was not so helpful on breastfeeding guidelines. So ended up going to breastfeeding clinic for help. His poor feeding has cost his weight to go down to 2.6kg.

Last week we had a breakthrough and his weight picked up to 2.7kg, thanks for the breastfeeding clinic for all their help.

His weight is now 2.84kg @ his last check up which was yesterday.

So please, any tips would be a great help for me. His feeding hours are roughly 3 to 4 hrs minimum.


Concerned first time mom