I proposed to him!


My boyfriend proposed to me last October. Fast forward to this March, I was going through a lot with family and my mental health and called the engagement off. I was feeling a lot of pressure (not from him) about getting married and having kids and finding my forever career. I was working in the mental health field and it was becoming very taxing on me. Fast forward to now, I quit my job in the mental health field, things are somewhat better with my family, and I am starting a new career in the insurance industry. Through all this my boyfriend was so supportive and encouraging and really loves me. I realized there’s no one I would rather spend the rest of my life with. I couldn’t ask for anyone better so I proposed to him. I am beyond happy!

We both went through bad divorces last year and we found each other at the right time. I feel like we are kindred spirits. I love him so much!

Update: wow I didn’t think I would get so much judgement on how I proposed. I mean seriously.. I thought this community was to support each other. Anyways, I sent the date while he was sleeping late at night. Then he replied when he woke up and went to work. When he got home from work I sent him the last text asking him to marry me while I was sitting right next to him. He thought it was cute. Sorry if it didn’t meet y’all standards.