I know I sound crazy. Whatever.

Okay did hear me out and understand my irrational thinking. I typically use the 89¢ Wal-Mart PTs because they're cheap and I'm one of those people who will test at 5 DPO because maybe something will show (see irrational thinking is common for me). Well it's always been negative and it's always STAYED negative. Never even an evap line the next day. NEVER. Until yesterday's test. When I saw that one in the trash it had a line (I'm aware that you don't trust a test outside of the first 10 minutes). And that stupid line is giving me stupid hope.

How have I rationalized this? Well before I knew not to trust a test outside of the 10 minutes my friend took a test. She said it was negative and she'd thrown out back in the box because there wasn't a trash bag in her bathroom. I pulled it out and there was positive. So she took another and got another positive and bam now she has a kid.

I know it's all dumb but I'm getting to that point where I'll take Any sign that after years of trying and a miscarriage I'll finally have my little bleeding💛