I get too worn out before he does :/

So I’ve been with my boyfriend for just around a few months, and I genuinely do love being intimate with him. He was the first person to ever make me finish during sex (I’m 22 and have been in several serious relationships without any luck), so I am so incredibly thankful for him but ever since the beginning I’ve noticed he lasts extremely long. He says he’s always been like that (so at least he notices it too). I hold off finishing for as long as possible, sometimes choosing not to do it at all, because as soon as I come I can feel my sex drive disappearing and that’s not fair to him. It’s really starting to mess with my head and even affect how I feel about having sex at all because I’m not sure me and my body are up for it (I know that sounds horrible but it truly starts to go from pleasurable to painful after a while because my body can’t keep up and things start to get a bit dry if you know what I mean). Anyone else have experience with really long lasting men? ANY ADVICE IS SO APPRECIATED! <3