What other nesting should I be doing?

Alright ladies, I am super organized and I love having things in their place. I’ve done as many things as I can think of to help ease the transition into mommyhood. Can you think of anything i haven’t done? Here’s my list:

-Cleaned everything in the house, including furniture and carpets.

-Washed all her clothes, folded, sorted and put away.

-We have at least a couple months of diapers, wipes, creams, bath stuff etc

-I set up a diaper station on the main level.

-Nursery is decorated and cleaned.

-Stocked up on groceries- TP, laundry detergent, dishwasher tabs, paper towels, pantry items.

-Currently working on freezer meals.

-hospital bags are packed- birth plan done

-Postpartum essentials are bought- depends, pads, prep H, nursing tanks, etc

- Baby classes are taken

-shots are up to date

-Breastfeeding station is set up, including snacks, charger, blankets etc

-Made room for bottles etc in the kitchen

-Car seat/stroller purchased assembled and figured out (same with swing, playmat etc)

-pacifiers are sterilized

- bassinet bought and in our room

- hubbys to do list around the house is getting smaller as well.

- also trying to spend time with hubby and have date nights as much as possible

- Sent in EI Applications

Just wanting to be as ready as humanly possible! Any other thoughts? Positivity please! 😊