Baby fever like no other!!!

I’m 23 and I have the worse case of baby fever right now. I’ve had it since I was 13. It never went away but i only get days I’m really wanting a baby. I have one thing I want to do before I get pregnant thou. It’s just been really bad these last couple days. Idk why. Lol. I hope someone else goes through this as well.

Also! I’m not sure if it’s cause of this but I had a positive pregnancy test on July 1st 2018, I was bleeding a day or two afterwards, so I went to the ER I was also in a lot of pain, and they said it could of been a possible miscarriage and I was thinking if I was pregnant and I had the little one, how it would look, and how many months it’ll be right now.. but god has something plan for me so! I know it’ll be ok 💕