I’m out aren’t I?


13 dpo today. Period is due today. These are today’s tests. Although I see quite an obvious + on the blue dye, I’m now assuming it’s an evap or something as the first response test couldn’t be any more negative if it tried?! The blue dye line came up instantly and is 100% blue not grey. If I had only done that test I’d probably have taken it as a faint positive. But the FRER is soooo negative. And we all know those are more reliable.

I had a single brown streak of blood when I wiped at 11 dpo followed by some very sharp ovary twinges all day. Nothing else since. No sign of AF so far, and I’m usually like clockwork. Could it have been implantation on 11dpo? Literally not a drop of any kind of blood since that one streak. I did originally think it was AF coming early but when she comes usually its like

opening the floodgates and I never ever spot before a period.

Don’t really know what to think and my brain is mush this month. I know time will tell but I’m really struggling today 😣

P.s... the tests aren’t dry. I took the pictures within time frame, I’ve just edited the contrast slightly and they appear more yellow than they are.