Anxious about travelling please I’d appreciate comments

Hey guys

So sometimes, like maybe two weeks out of the year somehow something triggers me and I manage to find myself in a rut of negative thinking and make myself stressed out and worried. It could be over anything. Like one time I got scared about the thought that we get old and it just went around and around in my head.

Anyway it’s happened again, but relationship topic goes round in my head for the past week telling me something bad is going to happen. Although I LOVE my partner and I would never want to be without him. It’s almost as if my brain tries to scare me with the things I love.

Anyway I’m going on holiday next week and I didn’t want anything to ruin it this time because I was anxious last time and had a bad holiday. Literally a week ago, I was the happiest I could’ve ever been.

Any tips on what I can do to ignore these thoughts and be happy for my travels?