Ring upgrade!

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I got married on June 22nd, 2019. He bought me a Beautiful set of gold rings before the wedding but they ended up getting bent completely out of shape somehow. We exchanged them for a sterling silver set. Circumstances arose and we had to take those back for rent money. So we got married with a nice $10 set from Walmart. Unfortunately, I'm sensitive to metals and my finger stayed green and itchy.

Well, this weekend my mom invited us to dinner. We had to stop at Walmart and she needed to get my sister a chain for a necklace. My husband and I migrated to the ring side of the jewerly counter. He asked which ones I liked, I showed him a few.

I walked out to change our son and my husband says he has to use the bathroom. Nothing unusual for him to have to pee last minute.. He called me to come back inside. We were walking through the doors and he handed me the bag he bought earlier and asked me to make sure we didn't leave anything.

I look and there was the ring set I had liked the most!! I pick it up with tears in my eyes and he says, Will you marry me? I giggled. I absolutely love it. It's so beautiful and much prettier than my previous sets.

I likex this one best because his ring has crosses and it kind of seemed to match.

My old set with his.

My new ones!