Help Please!! Im super worried

So hi, im 20 years old, IM super stressed as I feel I don’t have my period symptoms. moreover, my bf and i have never had sex without protection but the day I finished my last period he just inserted his d without condom but it was like for 5secs (we have never do that) (he did this because in this app it says i had 0% of chance of pregnancy) ok and then we had normal sex with protection. Then days later, when i was on my fertile window, we had a quickie but also with a condom, he always check that de condom doesn’t have any hole or something and he never cums inside me even if he had a condom. Moreover, Im extremely worried because I don’t have my period symptoms and I have to get my period in 3 days. OH and 4 days ago i took a pregnancy test. It was the clear blue test the one that can detect early pregnancy day before your period and the result was “not pregnant”. So as i saw that result i was calm but rn that i noticed i don’t have my period symptoms and it supposed my period starts in 3 days!! IM super scared girls! Help me!!!!