38w4d mentally breaking down

Last month we moved across state in with my mom(until we get a house) and now are living in a house with 5 large dogs a cat and my 20 month old son . I’m literally breaking down mentally I’m a stay at home mom and my husbands new job requires him to work over 11 hours a day so it’s just me here . I’m literally losing my shit .. I can not physically keep up with my son well being this pregnant the dogs are fighting all the time and my mom loves trying to keep us and my son up late af at night ... I’m to the point where I want to put my son in day care because I literally can not handle it every thing was so much easier in our apartment because my son wasn’t trying to get in to everything and being spoiled when his grandma is here ... I just want to scream and cry I feel like the biggest failure... I’m also about 90% sure I have a yeast infection now 😭😭😭