Just found out pregnant with 2nd

Hi all,

We have a son who is 20 months old. Just the love of my life. I went off of mat leave beginning of 2019 to work. I am in a position I love, learn and challenge me everyday, great coworkers and boss, and my recent performance evaluation was fantastic. I really think I can move quite ahead here.

Well, life threw me a curveball. With how busy our family has been, my husband and I had sex 3x in the past month, one of those times without protection of any kind. Totally our fault. That did it. I was late by 3 days and got a positive test.

I am turning 31 this year. I’ve been agonizing over whether to keep this baby or not. I always thought I’ve been a very pragmatic person that can be logical and make choices when need be, but I burst into tears at our procedure consult today. My husband is leaning towards keeping the baby, but we both know our financial success would be a lot better with just one baby. I also JUST got back to my pre pregnancy weight and out of that ‘mom brain’ fog. I really wasn’t mentally prepared to go through it all again so quickly.

Any advice would be appreciated. We definitely want a second baby in the future. I just don’t know if I should concentrate on my career first or get the babies out of the way. I am in Canada if that matters.

Thank you <3