**(UPDATE 8 is here*****PLEASE READ)**Found my 14 year old in bed with a boy 🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬😡😡

( Update down the bottom )

Anyway so alittle back story I have a big house 6 bedrooms 2 kitchens 2 living rooms and 4 bathrooms (not gloting ) and I have 2 teenages one 14(girl) and the other one 12(also girl) but I have a cousin that's always stays with us who is 10 also (girl) because we have a big house I dont really see them that much well because there are all girls doing there own thing.. anyway I know my 14 year old has a boyfriend but it's not really serious (so I thought) I told her when ever she is ready to come to me and I will set her up appointment to get on birth control she said how gross that is and shes not ready for that. I was happy but said okay just shout me and I'm there.. anyway sunday night I was working in my office and my little cousin comes in and said theres weird noises coming from the guest bedroom. I said it might be the cat did she get shut in there and I sent her to go look then I heard a screem I run up the stairs to the guess bedroom and my little cousin is crying and saying omg someone is trying to hurt kally so I go in and see her and her boyfriend naked in the bed.. they was having sex... I was fuming I sent my little cousin down stairs and told the boy to go home I told kally to get dress and I'm going to call her father..

I dont know what to do. that's going to scar my little cousin forever her mum is going to go mental when she finds out and my husband is on his way home so disappointed in her.. I took her phone off her and her laptop and her ipad and a message came up on the phone from her boyfriend saying ( did you tell them about the baby)



She pregnant.... I went to her room and ask her are you pregnant she burst in to tears and said yes. I said how long have you known for she said 2 weeks.. I went to the shop and got her a test and yes she is so I have made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. I cant believe this she 14....14 .. anyway I had a chat with her with her dad there I said we can do this me and her father can help you all the way ..we will pay for things but she need to work really really hard in school. She said she doesn't want an abortion ( I was soo glad when she said that ) and she wouldn't do adoption but she said shes thinking of raising it as her brother or sister.. she said shes thinking of giving us the baby because then the baby will have a better up bringing. Now I dont know how to feel about this but I stand by her no matter what.. I just dont know how this is gonna work.. please can some one help

The boyfriend. I rang his parents and told them that my daughter is pregnant with there sons baby they freak out and said.. that's not theres sons and my daughter is lying and good luch to her with being a single parent and to get rid if it.. I'm fuming so I went round there and sat them all down ask there son to tell the truth and the baby being his he starting crying and said yes the baby's his and he wants to be a dad and support her and his parents said NO hes having nothing to do with this baby and she need to get rid of it.. so my husband steps in and says( do not speak like that to my wife shes trying to sort this all out and try to not put stress on Kally If you do not want anything to do with YOUR grandchild then dont but when the baby's born do not come round do not post things and stay away .. now your son if he want to be a good dad then we are not stopping him he can come round when ever his likes to see HIS child.. we are paying for everything we are not here to ask for money not even little so you can help we are paying for EVERYTHING so you dont have to worry but all we are asking for is to be there for both our children and be supportive) and then the dad told us to get out and never come back.... soooooo now what ..

(Just wanted to say)

I just want to say I'm very close with my kids what I meant was it's a big house and they are always in there rooms but we always have family night and eat dinner at the table and my 12 years old always by my side even when I'm working and I love it.. I check in with them every 2 or 3 hours just to see if they need anything.. I dont know how I missed this I new something was up with Kally but I thought it was her period and they are teenagers all teenagers hide stuff and not really talk that's just teenagers for you I feel like a bad mum and I should have saw the signs but I didnt and yes I allowed my 14 year old to have a boyfriend because I started dating my husband at 14 and now look where I am but we never had sex at 14.. I'm not trying to be her best friend i trying to not push her away if I told her she wasnt allowed a boyfriend do you really think that would have stopped her NO it wouldn't have.. and I'm also not going to push her to do something she isn't ready for ..if she want us to have the baby that's what I'm gonna do for HER but I will strongly advise her that she CAN do it and we will be there for her no matter what and when times get hard me and her dad will step up even more then what we was doing before but now I know she has sex as soon as she has the baby she going on birth control and when my 12 year old turns 14 she is as well even if she hasn't got a boyfriend just to be safe and my 10 year old when shes 14..NO MORE BABIES 😂😂.. and also I'm gonna go on birth control me and my husband was trying for another baby but now we have stopped to help my daughter it's not the right time for us right now and that okay .. I just hope I get my period this month 🤞🤞🤞 I cant take that as well but at the end of the day A BABY IS A BESSING.....


So I took kally to the doctor today and they conformed her being pregnant but they said from the blood test and how high her hCG levels are shes about 4 months pregnant (omg4 months) shes got a scan next week this baby is coming in 5 months I cant wrap my head around it.. I need to start buy stuff like a crib or clothes and nappies and wipes and alot of baby stuff for her but it make it fun she can pick what shes wants and I will just pay I mean the fun part about being pregnant is buy everything for the baby and I'm not gonna take that away from her.. I will update soon

Update 5

Hi everyone thank you for the support kally is doing great shes got a little baby bump growing.. it's so weird to have a daughter pregnant but she actually happy and excited she wants the baby and shes going to do her best shes actually looking for a weekend job as for the dad and his parents they still want nothing to do with it but the dad secretly comes round hes sooo in love with the baby bump it's so cute ( they sit down stairs with every one not allowed up stairs until I can trust then ) and we couldn't wait so we paid for a private scan to see the sex of the baby we find out Wednesday and as for me I'm 2 days late.... but I'm hoping it's just stress I cant be pregnant I got my grand baby to look after i need to be there for kally it's her time not mine but everything happens for a reason.. I will update Wednesday to see if it's a girl or boy

Guyssssssss this is my test (I'm pregnant)

This cant be real right.. like noo I'm so stressed out and ofcourse it had to happen now.. they do say when your not trying is the time you will get pregnant but seriously now why.. I'm pregnant at the same time as my daughter that's cant be real I just cant be..

For people who think this is fake 😂😂 I actually wish it was.. it's to much drama for my liking but people think i would sit here for days now and keep updating it 😂😂 how sad.. come on who would actually do that.... for people who actually believe me I got a doctor appointment tomorrow to confirm I'm pregnant and my daughters scan tomorrow to find out the sex how exciting

Update 7

It's a???????? BABY GIRL

Omg she having a girl I'm so happy I'm gonna have a grand daughter I'm in shock

And for me I went to confirm my pregnancy and yes I'm indeed pregnant

I'm really early round about 3 to 4 weeks but things are looking

Hi everyone I'm back

So I told my daughter that I was pregnant at first she felt sad because she thinks I wont have time to help her because she is so scared shes gonna do something wrong but I told her I'm there for her no matter what.. shes 20 weeks now and I'm 5 to 6... we have been buying some baby stuff like 2 cots and 2 pushchairs and 2 of everything...I'm so happy right now everything has changed but for the better thank you everyone for being so kind.. my husband is in shock still but hes so happy and for the boyfriends family we told them it's a girl and they still say get rid of it.. so we have decided to keep them out of it from now but the boyfriend still comes over hes very sweet to my daughter he a gentleman.im so happy for my daughter and I know that's sounds weird but everything happens for a reason and there is some negative comments specifically from one girl on here literally calling my daughter a slut. But I say teenagers will be teenagers I know my daughter isn't a slut and I find it sooo disgusting that a grown woman is slut shaming a 14 year old how sad are you..you clearly haven't got teenagers... anyway I'm happy for my daughter because this is a new chapter in her life and I know shes gonna be a great mum I cant wait to be a grandparent and have a new born its exciting I couldn't have asked to be any happier right now... thank everyone for reading this is probably my last update unless you want more but for now...bye....

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(And the pregnancy test is a screen shot from my snapchat.. for the people thinking it's from Google I can show another one of you like 😂)