Should I be concerned about this lump?


I’ve had a noticeable lump on the left side of my neck, more towards the back of my neck rather than the front where my lymph nodes are, for about 4 years that I know of. Could have been there for longer, I just don’t remember noticing it. And it was just something I knew about but never thought twice of, it was small, soft, I had to really feel for it to notice it. Last night I just happened to run my hand down my neck, and noticed that the lump is now protruding and hard. I’m known to get frequent headaches at the drop of a pen, always taking Advil it seems like. It might be in my head, but this morning I woke up and my neck is sore on that side like I slept on it wrong, and it could be just that. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning but just wanted to see what you guys think!