Please help

My baby is 2 weeks old today and I have an almost 6 year old. I have been with my husband for 13 years and married for 5. On Friday we went out and he got drunk so I came home early to take care of our baby. He came home at a reasonable time and went to bed in the other room.

I had a weird feeling so I checked his email which I do often for our sons school stuff and saw a notification from Facebook from 4am that there was a message from a random girl I’ve never heard of. I asked him in the morning and he said it was a girl from work ( works on the food truck on his work site) he admitted he was asking her what she was up to. WTF!!!

I asked him to show me the messages but he said he deleted them. Why the fuck would you deleted them unless he didn’t want me to see them. So I messaged this bitch to find out what was going on. Meanwhile my husband and I were not good and he insisted nothing was going on.

Fast forward 2 days later and she messages me back the below. Now I’ve kicked him out and I’m on day 5 of no sleep trying to care for 2 kids all alone, I feel like I’m having a 5 day panic attack. My husband is crying and saying he is sorry and begging me for forgiveness. He is a amazing dad and a generally good husband. What do I do. Rip apart our whole family over messaging? Throw away 13 years? What do I do, I’m so crushed I need help.