Hubby is turned off by timed sex. How do you tale advantage of fertile week?

So am I. It seems so unemotional. If i tell him it's my fertile week it seems like he's just not in the mood. He communicates with me and tells me it's a turn off. He said when God's ready to bless us it will happen. But I'm 40 and feel like I'm running out of time. It affects how i enjoy it too. But when I get the notifications that it's a high fertility day i get sad if i don't try to take advantage. How do I take advantage of my fertile week without making it so planned? Anyone else can relate? Advice? Btw, I'm very fertile. Got pregnant first cycle trying when we decided to TTC but miscarried. Now i feel like I'm desperately trying to make sure it happens before it's too late. Maybe it's psychological. I dunno... Please pray for me. I don't want our intimacy to feel this way.