Hard to get buy to sleep

Anyone else have a hard time trying to get their little ones down for a nap or bedtime? My little dude is the worst he almost always needs a bottle to go to sleep most likely for comfort since he doesn’t take a paci. I try rocking him in my chair with white noise on and with our blackout curtains closed but most of the time he’ll just cry and scream so I end up giving him a bottle even though he doesn’t need it. I try all different positions but he doesn’t like to be rocked at all I also try laying him down and he still cries. I have the huckleberry app so it tells me around what time he should be put down for a nap or bedtime so I kinda go off that or if I see him rubbing his eyes or yawning I try to start rocking him then. He usually wants a nap 1 1/2 - 2 hrs after waking up in the morning and then the next nap will be 2 1/2 - 3 hrs after he wakes up from his first nap then we’ll try to give him a 3rd nap before bed but he usually won’t take a nap and we just have to deal with him being fussy till his bedtime (8-9). It’s so hard trying to get him to sleep I dread doing it. He also wakes up a few times during the night to eat or just because he doesn’t want to be in his crib so I end up putting him in our bed which I don’t want to do anymore but I don’t want to listen to the crying. Then he wakes up whining in the morning 🤷🏻‍♀️😅 this child is going to drive me crazy lol. Any tips on how to get him to sleep easier would be nice.