Hello everyone, My name is Matthew and my wife Cassidy is 34 weeks and 6 days pregnant. We are due for her to be induced on September 11th. Cassidy has been high risk during her whole pregnancy due to having our daughter last year stillborn. So far our baby boy is healthy and have had no issues with him, however Cassidy has developed high blood pressure and preeclampsia. Due to multiple visits to the hospital we will be having baby boy at 37 weeks if no other issues arise. Cassidy and I already have two boys at home, and my son from my previous marriage stays the weekends. Cassidy has been on bed rest for the last two weeks and will be the remainder of the pregnancy. She will then take her 6 weeks unpaid maternity leave. Neither of us make a whole lot of money but we do work hard. Unfortunately do to life, we didn’t have any savings when she was put on bed and we are concerned on how we’re going to make ends meet these next two months or so. I’m not here to ask for hand out, just looking for help on finding resources or if there are any for folks in our situation. Cass hasn’t been at her job long enough to gain sick or vacation time and our State as far as we know doesn’t offer any assistance either. Any help or info would be appreciated. With love.