is this a set up?!?

My ex husband, the father of my child abused me during pregnancy and while I was pregnant I left.

Now nearly 4 years later I'm still a single mum and I've only ever heard from my "brother in law" once and that was on the xbox over a year ago while we were all on goodish terms playing a game.

However, recently the contact between me and my ex has faded he has since moved on without telling me and so I blocked him from everything because I was reminded how much of a horrible toxic person he is.

Two days after removing him his brother pops up out of nowhere and asks me a question. He says how he is now a newly wed and his wife is less than 3 months pregnant, they'll be immigrating to Germany where she will live with him while he becomes a stay at home dad.

He explained that while they're on route to Germany they've decided to visit the UK for 2 weeks but thought seeing my kid would just be a big bonus.

Now my ex husbands bother fucked him up mentally and his brother. They both speak all the time and I said that too him when we talked last night he said they apparently never discuss serious stuff, which I find hard to believe.

He is going on like my ex won't know he is visiting me and my kid if I don't want him to, tbh I don't ever want that risk of the babies father doing all of this as a set up, as a trick to get me to a location so he can see his own kid.

It's all fucked up and really weird tbh. The fact me and his brother have literally NEVER exchanged proper conversation and he knows nothing about my kid now he wants to be a good uncle? Something seems off to me.

Also his brother is an alcoholic and everyone I've discussed this with is saying if I meet him not to go alone incase it is a trick. Dude I'm not putting myself through that, or risking mine my kids safety.

It's all weird as hell. If he spoke up when I was first a single parent and we got to know eachother then I'd be more okay with the idea but the fact that 2 days after I remove my ex from everything Everything, his brother just throws this proposal? Mm hmm.

What the hell should I do?


Facts about the dad.

×He is a deadbeat dad

×Never asks or cares for his own kid

×Never paid child support

×has never visited our kid