Does this baby still have a chance?

Had first ultrasound (transvaginal) at what the doctor calculated was 6 weeks based off lmp (I'm high risk). All they saw was the gestational sac... no yolk sac, no fetal pole. However I have PCOS, have always had irregular periods, and was told by a previous GYN that I have a slightly tilted cervix/uterus. I personally feel like I conceived about a week later than what the doctor is calculating putting me closer to 5 weeks at the ultrasound instead of 6 weeks. They didn't say what my gestational sac was measuring but they did let me know there's a possibility it's a blighted ovum. But the doc said everything else looked good so far and to come back in 2 weeks to verify viability. I'm so worried and as we all know, Google has only made things worse. If I'm more accurate on my dates and was actually closer to 5 weeks, could it have just been too early to see anything? What's your experience (good or bad)?