I seriously don’t know what to do with this friendship...

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So my best friend - like my sister - is making it so hard for me to want to keep her friendship.

So I’m almost 9 months pregnant and since the beginning of my pregnancy she told me she was gonna be trying so we could be pregnant together. Whatever it was fine - but she’s always always had an issue with me having attention where she doesn’t if that makes sense? All our lives she would hook up with guys I told her I had interest in and whatnot. Idk just not always the BEST person if that makes sense? She’s a great, beautiful person but sometimes her intentions are not pure. We have been friends for like 15 years by the way.

Well anyways she told me she was pregnant about a month ago, I went to the doctors with her blah blah blah. We haven’t talked much since. Well this weekend I saw her drinking all weekend on Snapchat, and she told me she got an abortion when I was like wtf?

Then she fucking tells me she got an abortion because she cheated on her bf and it could have been this other guys.

She’s cheated on this guy 3 times, who I’ve also been friends with for about 15 years. I love him to death and he’s such a great guy and does NOT deserve that shit.

I know it’s between them two but I am having a hard time even wanting to continue a friendship with her. I love her to death too but she’s makes horrible destructive decision and there’s nothing anyone can do to help or inspire her.

She also already has 2 kids.... they just bought a house together..

He knows and stays with her though so it’s not my place to say or do anything I just don’t know how I feel to have her in my life at this point...