Supposed to get induced today

Amanda • 28 / 🇨🇦 / Baby Girl born 08/29/19

Tomorrow is my actual due date, and because I have GD my Ob wants to induce me. I’m supposed to go into the hospital today to receive the drug to start inducing me. They want to give me cervidil. Was told to call the hospital today at 9am to see when they want me to come in. Called and was told they don’t do the procedure until 5 or 6 pm and to call back at noon to get a more confirmed time. Called back and was told they’ll call me as the OB on staff was busy doing a C-Section at the time. If I don’t hear from them before 5 to call back.

Just getting so impatient especially since I still have an hour drive after I get the go ahead to go to the hospital.

Starting to feel like I may go on my own though. I’ve been having period like cramps all day and over the last 1-2 hours I’ve been getting sharp pains in my crotch and stomach, but only lasting like 10-15 seconds and they’re not consistent by any means.

Hoping I hear something soon or start seeing more progress on my own🤞🏻