Having a infant adjust to being a sibling?


Hi Mommies,

I currently have a 15 month old and am 3 months pregnant. In February when the baby is born my daughter will be 21 months.

I'm trying to help her adjust to the idea of being a big sister, and not the only baby.

Are there any tips for now, and until/when the baby comes that will help her ease into this transition?

I don't want to rush her into growing up, but also don't want any animosity either.

My 15 month old understands quite a bit, but is non verbal so far (perhaps an added challenge?). She does understand to touch my tummy softly (a tip from pattimg our dogs), and I say baby when she does it , but she gets excited and points to herself 🤦‍♀️.

Any other moms with 2 under 2?