Tarot? Is this a sign? I don‘t know much.

Im a Christian and don’t usually put a lot of faith in things like tarot cards, especially this particular one because it was just one some on a website. But, who says God can’t use tarot? Anyway. I won’t go into detail about the whole reading but their were a few cards that really stuck me and made the reading very specific to me and what I was thinking.

Here they are.

This card talked about how troubling times could be coming to an end. My husband and I have been struggling to conceive a child for about a year now due to my PCOS....could this mean something?

This card speaks about how not everything is as it seems and I’m a little confused..

My current situation is that I’ve just known this cycle was successful and we conceived. My period is officially a day late according to my tracking app called Flo which has been fairly accurate with me for the most part. I’m having symptoms that could easily be pregnancy....or PMS. I took a home test yesterday but failed it. I was down and cried for hours.

And finally this card

I mean this one pretty much sums it up....

I just want this to be a sign so bad. I’ve been praying foe this every night.