okay new thread

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so since i posted this i’ve gotten alottt of annoying comments on my dog which granted i have other women dealing with the same issue. here’s a new thread.

we have a dog who keeps getting out of his harness on his runner and i don’t want him getting killed or ran over or stolen. his name is noodle and he currently resides outside (he’s a BIG dog and we don’t really have the space to have him inside since my bfs grandpa is in his 70s. he can’t handle all of it) were not getting rid of him that’s not an option and will never be one.

i’ve extended and moved the runner which made a lot of improvement. BUT i will NOT be having anyone trying to accuse me of animal abuse.

noodle goes for walks every evening when my boyfriend gets off work, we go to a pond together and smoke and play with him.

friday’s through sundays are noodle’s days. we spend 3/4 of the weekend looking at dog stuff, treats and toys. he prefers sticks and buries the rest except a ferret he has mauled. we put him on the runner when we’re leaving home and running errands. we put him on the runner when we go to bed because he’s an outside dog for our current situation. he’s allowed on most of anything, and stays on the (FENCED) patio/porch area when it’s storming or when it’s really bad he comes and stays with us. ever since we moved here he doesn’t like being inside unless we’re in bed. he PREFERS to be outside and i’m not gonna keep this big ass puppy cooped up inside all day knowing he wants to dig holes. he has a GIGANTIC yard for him to go run around in with bushes and trees and plenty of space just for this one dog. he is not being abused, he isn’t tied up, he isn’t being beaten on, he isn’t being starved. because if anything i might be overfeeding him lmao but he loves to eat 🤦🏻‍♀️😅

the point of this thread was to ask for a BETTER harness he can’t slip out of (he hates collars and i rather spend the money on a harness so i can adjust it as he gets bigger than buying a new damn collar every other month)

i need one breathable, adjustable and non escapable (i’ve found some online i just don’t wanna risk spending 30$ and it not working) anyone else have went this route and found a good solution?

this is Noodle

he’s a pit/pyrenees and i’m wanting to guess he’s about 50 pounds (he chonky)