Toxic relationship to a beautiful one. Long post & I’m bragging 🤷🏻‍♀️

Val • Instagram - @megaq50

Prior to my bf I was in a on & off mentally abusive relationship with a guy that used me & my family for 4 years, lied about his feelings (lead me on), let his family disrespect me, and only ever bought me 1 gift and the cherry on top he made me feel so insecure with myself/body cause I was constantly begging him to want me. But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here because I thought that was a “normal” relationship until I met my boyfriend. I was skeptical at first, didn’t think I was ready, didn’t wana be hurt again, didn’t wana move on, I just wanted to be depressed and hide because I thought that’s what I deserved (the whole “nobody’s ever gonna want me” played in my head a lot) but I went to grab the drink “as friends” as he said lol and from the moment I sat down with him i knew it was different. He complimented me constantly. Wanted to spend as much time as possible with me. Never wanted me to touch my debit card to pay for anything. He made me feel great & we were inseparable since. We’ve moved in together. He loves my natural hair and return I’ve learned to love my natural curly hair (no more heat damage 🙌🏼) he don’t care if I’m taller than him in heels and makes me feel sexy af for doing so. Encourages me to go after my goals. I don’t beg for attention. I don’t beg for affection. I don’t beg for growth he naturally wants to improve himself, our relationship, our future (Currently ttc 🤞🏼). He surprises me constantly whether it’s a Starbucks drink or a candy bar when he comes home from work or the very random “just because” expensive gifts or the sneaky call ahead to the restaurant that me and my family will be dining at to take care of the tab for us etc. He always thinks about me and it’s a great feeling to know someone doesn’t just say “I love you” they show you that in every way whether it’s subtle or huge gestures. Today this brat fooled me into thinking he was driving to LA but was really driving to my job to surprise me with some cute red heels a red faux leather jacket & lunch. Let me just say it’s not about the gifts it’s about the fact that he pays attention to my details, red heels I’ve been googling , to remembering the drinks/food I order from places, to remembering my story about a red jacket I liked but refused to spend the money on myself lol. Point I’m trying to make is you should never have to beg a man to do anything, they should never control you, they should never make you feel like you don’t know where you stand, and at the end of the day never beg a man to want you or give you the things you need. A man that wants you will do everything in their power to let it be known. And I’m so lucky to have found a man that treats me in such a beautiful way. I love him for saving me from my self. I finally found the one that matches my love and energy. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him but thank god for giving me such a precious person! 💕