Arthritis & early pregnancy


Wondering if anyone could help...

I'm not trying to get pregnant so I haven't tested as I haven't missed a period yet ( due on sometime in the next few days - week) but there is the possibility I could be pregnant. For a few months now I've had really early and very mild signs of arthritis.

However in the last 2 weeks, since I ovulated, my arthritis symptoms have worsened massively for no apparent reason.

I suffered badly with SPD in my pregnancy with my son so this has me wondering whether if I am pregnant, could the hormones my body is releasing be why my arthritis has suddenly gone apeshit? Also my nipples are really sore which is unusual as normally leading up to my period my boobs hurt all over but not my nipples.

Has this happened to anyone else and they turned out to be pregnant? I'll ask the doctor at my appointment Thursday anyway but it's just that it got me wondering and my adhd won't let it go now lol.

Thanks in advance x